Learn all about aromatherapy and become a certified aromatherapist by Institut Français d'Aromathérapie & The Perfume Foundation 


Our Certification Programm is one of the kind because it is designed by an aromatherapist and natural perfumer. known as an essential oil expert for more that 25 years in France & United States.

  • Natural & Botanical Perfumers
  • Massage & Spa Therapists
  • Integrative Medicine Practionners
  • Estheticians
  • Medical & Paramedical 
  • Naturopaths
  • Holistic Health Practionners
  • Natural Food Store Managers

Here is what awaits you in this 8 week intensive program

How will you be after following the aromatherapy certification program ? 

  • You are confident in using essential oilskin your everyday life or professionally

  • You know which application is the most secure and above all the most effective You know how to determine a quality essential oil

  • You know how to prepare aromatherapy mixtures for health, well-being and beauty because you have the dosages for toddlers to seniors

  • You know the biochemical families of essential oils and their indications this allows you to know exactly what are its properties and its precautions for use

  • You master the precautions for use and drug interactions in order to use essential oils safely and without danger

  • You can advise and use essential oils if you are a natural perfumer, holistic health therapist, massage therapist or healthcare professional.


This is what you are going to learn in the aromatherapy certification program

The following is a Natural Aromatherapy course given by Françoise Rapp, Certified Aromatherapist, Teacher and Member of The Teacher's Academy, in which you will learn:

WEEK 1 – Introduction to Essential Oils

  • The history of aromatherapy
  • From an essence to an essential oil
  • The different processes of extracting an essential oil from the plant
  • The difference between hydrosols and essential oils
  • The healing uses of essential oils 

WEEK 2 – The Quality of Essential Oils

  • What determines the quality of an essential oil 
  • The quality controls and criteria
  • The data references
  • The logos and the labels 
  • The certifications of analysis 
  • Reading the labels 
  • The aromatogramme: how to determine the efficiency of essential oils

WEEK 3 – The Safety of Essential Oils

  • 7 keys to uses essential oils 
  • The safe uses of essential oils
  • What not to do when using essential oils
  • What to do if you misuse essential oils

WEEK 4 – The Botany and Chemistry of Essential Oils

  • The botanical families and their properties
  • The botanical families and their cautious uses
  • What is a chemotype
  • What is the procedure to determine the properties and qualities of essential oils
  • Biochemistry and wellness properties 

WEEK 5 – Detailed Portrait of 25 Essential Oils
Basil, bergamot, camomilla roman, cinnamon (bark), eucalyptus globulus, eucalyptus radiata, frankincense, geranium, ginger, helichrysum, katrafay, fine lavender, yellow lemon, neroli, niaouli, sweet orange, peppermint, petitgrain bigarade, ravintsara, rose, rosemary (cineole), tea tree, thyme (linalol), wintergreen, ylang ylang
WEEK 6 – The Science and Art of Blending Essential Oils

  • Rules of blending & safety 
  • Dosages for bath, cutaneous uses, diffusion, …
  • Dosages for young children, teenagers, adults and seniors
  • Zoom meeting to lead you on practical aspects and give you experts tips about custom blending + Q & A

WEEK 7 – Hydrosols & Floral Waters 

  • Introduction to flower waters & hydrosols
  • 6 key points that determine the quality 
  • The healing uses 
  • The rules of blending & safety 

WEEK 8 – Becoming a Certified Aromatherapist

  • Process & rules
  • New Luxury Code
  • Download your final test

Length of the course: 8 weeks 

After completing the course, you can apply for the International Perfume Foundation Certification as Aromatherapist and have your name listed in the IPF Directory.


My name is Françoise Rapp and I am an aromatherapist and 1st French Certified Natural Perfumer. Aromatherapy educator, International speaker & author for nearly 25 years in France and the United States, I strongly support eco-responsibility, sustainability and defend those core values in organizations like The International Perfume Foundation and teach at the École Supérieure du Parfum in Paris & Grasse. This is such a pleasure to be on your side during the entire program and share with you the tips & info from the pro ! I know the business from the field to the lab so I mean business when it is question of quality and blending essential oils. This is why I have the chance  and honor to be respected by high hand professionals. Preserving the quality at every stage of my work from education to plant production process and blending exclusive formula is my ethic. Join me now and you will learn my experts do's and dont's. 


Do you still question yourself if this program is really for you ?

As a natural perfumer, you will learn all the olfactory aspects of essential oils, absolutes and more. However, there is important information to know and these are the fundamental bases of essential oils, what they really are, their precautions for use, how to use them and especially combine them with each other.

Because some do not match well and when you create a natural perfume, you can use dozens of essential oils and it can become a real toxic cocktail if you do not know them.

I have been an aromatherapist for nearly 25 years and the 1st certified natural perfumer in France. It is this experience that I will share with you throughout the program.

This program is very different from a book on essential oils because the pedagogy on which this program is built ensures that you easily assimilate rich information which can be easily complex.

This program is based on 25 years of experience in a firm but above all in teaching in professional schools in France & the United States, workshops offered to the public. This experience makes it possible to provide appropriate information and not just academic or theoretical. The goal is for you to become independent!

You can totally follow this program and you will not get lost in the classroom! On the contrary, you are guided step by step in this learning in a pedagogical way. Also, I am there anytime for your questions.

You will certainly learn things that you do not know because the information in this program is certainly academic, practical and above all comes from 25 years of field experiences as a therapist and teacher.

Of course. You will obviously have to stay within a legislative framework if you are a professional because you cannot diagnose and provide medical advice. You can also recommend essential oils and blends while respecting this framework.



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